Secure your Excel workbooks with online activation and sell them

This online shop is a demonstration of our WooCommerce integration kit available for XLS Padlock.

1) Secure your Excel workbook

Use XLS Padlock, our Excel workbook protection software, to convert your Excel workbooks into secure applications

2) Set up online activation

Online activation is a feature of XLS Padlock to automate licensing of compiled Excel workbooks. With the XLS Padlock's WooCommerce integration kit, you can manage licenses and online activations directly through your WooCommerce store.

3) Manage activations and customers

Use the WooCommerce admin pages to manage activations, block users and much more... Regularly check whether your users have still the right to access your Excel workbooks


Begin this demo by purchasing the sample workbook protected with XLS Padlock


Markbook Demo

Excel workbook protected with XLS Padlock

Go ahead and do an order simulation to see how this is straightforward